Jumat, 24 Februari 2012

STUDY TOUR (Recount Text)

Study Tour
Last year , I and my friends went to Yogyakarta by bus.I went Wednesday night at 08.00 pm.
First day i came in Magelang.Then, we went to auditorium for break.next , we went to “Borobudur Temple”.When in Borobudur Temple we saw stupa and statue . After that , we went to restaurant “Kampung Ulu” for breakfast . I ate meat and vegetable and I drank tea.Then we went to MUSEUM BIOLOGY AND MUSEUM SUDIRMAN . When in MUSEUM BIOLOGY we saw tiger statue ,and in MUSEUM SUDIRMAN we sawsudirman statue and become ever about “History figh Jendral Sudirman”. Yeahh next , we went to “Museum Dirgantara” . There , we saw plane and statue . After that , we went to hotel “Satya graha” . When I came , we fond number room.After that , I and my friends break , because We felt very tired.
Ohyeaah ! On the second day we  checked outthe hotel.Then, we went to “Bakpia Djava”. There , I bough bakpia and brem :D. Next, we went to “Taman Pintar’’. There I saw many tourist . Then we went to “Keraton Yogyakarta” . There , i saw many tourist and handicrafft .  Woww ! next , we went to restaurant Firdaus for lunch and then We went to MALIOBORO . When in Malioboro i bough T-Shirt and accesoris and I saw many people .After that , We went to restaurant “Ambar Ketawang” yeaah for dinner and then we went to Banjarsari , Good Bye Yogyakarta :D
It was really and amazing holiday :p

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